Your first Tellet

Welcome to Tellet!

Our platform makes creating AI interviews easy and conversational. Follow this guide to get started.

  1. Create Your Free Tellet Account: First, sign up for a free Tellet account here.

  2. Log In and Access Your Workspace: Once logged in, you'll land in your Workspace. Click the + Create new Tellet button to start from scratch.

  3. Start from Scratch: In the menu, select Start from scratch. Later, you can explore building a Tellet from a template or letting AI create one for you based on your research objective.

  4. Name Your Tellet and start with the basic instructions: name your Tellet, set your interview goal, and define your audience. In this menu you can also adjust your language settings for this Tellet.

  5. Context: you can leave this field empty or add any additional context you want your AI interviewer to know

  6. Script: Draft your opening message and unfold the first question to adjust it and determine the amount of probing questions you want the AI to ask. To add another question, click the + Add question button.

  7. Test your Interview: in the panel on the right side of the screen you can test your Tellet as if you were a participant.

  8. Reorder Questions: Drag and drop questions in the left side panel to reorder them.

  9. Add End Screens: Finish your Tellet with one or more End Screens.

  10. Share your Tellet: navigate to the share tab and fill out the maximum amount of respondents. In this tab you can copy the link to your Tellet to share it. Now you're ready to publish your Tellet.

  11. Publish Your Tellet: Ready to go live? Click the Publish button. Your Tellet will be live and accessible via the URL.

  12. Alternative ways to share Your Tellet: Head to the Share panel to get the link or embed code and share your Tellet with the world.


  • Save and Publish: Your work is saved by pressing the save button at the end of each section. Click Publish to make your Tellet live. You can't edit your Tellet after publishing it.

  • Share Correct Links: Ensure you share the published version's link to collect responses and not the test link.

By following these steps, you’ll have your first Tellet up and running in no time. Happy interviewing!