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Feb 8, 2024

Tellet.ai terms and conditions

We strongly encourage you to read our terms and conditions carefully before using our website. By using our www.tellet.ai website you are indicating that you agree to our terms and conditions.

Our platform and our services

Tellet has developed the Tellet platform using AI technology to provide interviewing, transcription, and text analysis services. We use third party speech-to-text technology to generate accurate transcripts. Our website is maintained to provide the following services (referred to hereafter as services):

  • Setting up an AI interviewer.

  • Having the AI interviewer conduct interviews with respondents.

  • Using AI technology to analyse the interviews that were conducted with AI.

  • A variety of ways to export and share the content.

Tellet.ai reserves the right to revise these terms from time to time. Users of Tellet.ai are advised to review the current terms of use, as the latest version is binding.

Content on the website

All content on the tellet.ai website is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. You are not allowed to copy or license any of the tellet.ai website content without the written permission of tellet.ai.

Service Agreement

  1. Tellet.ai aims to be fully operational 24 hours a day. However, if for any reason the website is unavailable, the company is not liable.

  2. When registering for our services, customers must choose a password. Users are responsible for keeping their passwords confidential.

  3. Tellet.ai's customer service is available during business hours (09:00 – 17:00 CET) on weekdays (Monday to Friday) via email.

Tellet.ai does not have any obligation of a result to its users. The quality of interviews is heavily dependent on the quality of the setup and the audio. Background noise(s), low-quality microphones, a low/poor recording quality, strong accents, and e.g. people speaking simultaneously can all lower the interview quality. Users themselves are responsible for testing the transcription quality in order to get an understanding of the expected results. Tellet.ai never gives refunds due to disappointing quality. The quality of the interview is at the discretion of Tellet.ai.

Privacy Policy

Because Tellet.ai takes the privacy of its customers very seriously, it has put a number of measures in place to ensure that it is maintained. To find out more about how Tellet.ai protects your personal information, please view our privacy policy.

Your content

Users are not allowed to upload files of the following type:

  • Files that contain another person’s personal information without that person’s written consent.

  • Files that contain information that encourages conduct that may be deemed a criminal offense.

  • Files that the user uploads without the right to use those files (e.g. copyrighted material).

  • Files that are technically harmful to us or services from others.

Tellet.ai reserves the right to not accept files or refuse to upload any submitted material that contravenes the terms that are listed above.

Fair Use Policy (FUP)

The Fair Use Policy (FUP) aims to prevent the unreasonable use of the AI interviewing and analysis service.

Tellet.ai will deem your use of our AI interviewing and analysis service to be excessive and/or unreasonable if it significantly exceeds the range of anticipated use patterns or is likely to harm or adversely affect how well it works.

Tellet.ai reserve the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to the machine translation service immediately and without justification if your excessive or unreasonable usage persists despite our requests to halt or change the nature of such usage.

Use of the Customer’s distinctive Signs as well as referencing the Customer

  • The Provider shall receive the non-transferable, geographically unlimited, non-exclusive right to use the brands, company name, and logos of the Customer and the Authorized Third Parties (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Signs”). This right of use to the Signs is limited to use in connection with performance of the contractual services under the Service Contracts and lasts until the end of the corresponding Service Contracts. When using the Signs, the Provider must comply with the Customer’s requirements.

  • As long as the contractual relationship between the Provider and the Customer continues, the Provider is authorized to mention the Customer and the Authorized Third Parties as references (e.g., on the Provider’s website, on its advertising documents, etc.) and to use the Signs for this purpose. Documentation, documents, etc., that have already been printed need not be destroyed after the end of the contractual relationship.

  • If a third party takes legal action against the Provider (or its Subcontractors) based on the use of the Signs by the Provider (or its Subcontractors), the Customer shall indemnify the Provider entirely from the third-party claims (including assuming costs of legal proceedings and reasonable representation costs).

  • The Provider shall remove each Sign of the Customer from its Website and marketing documents in seven working days if the Customer will ask the Provider to do so in written form (by letter, e-mail, etc.).