Organisations and workspace explained

Understanding Organizations and Workspaces on Tellet


An organization on Tellet is the overarching structure that houses multiple workspaces. Organizations are essential for managing various projects and teams efficiently. You must be part of an organization to access its workspaces.

Key Points:

  • Multiple Workspaces: Manage several workspaces under one organization.

  • Centralized Management: Admins can oversee all workspaces from one place.

  • Unified Billing: Simplify subscription and payment management.


A workspace in Tellet is a collaborative space where team members can create and manage their Tellets (AI interviews). Workspaces are designed for teamwork and efficient data management. You can only join a workspace if you are part of the same organization.

Key Points:

  • Collaboration: Invite team members from your organization to work together.

  • Organization: Keep your Tellets neatly organized.

  • Permissions: Control who can create, edit, or view Tellets.

Key Difference

  • Membership: You can only be in a workspace if you belong to the organization that owns it. Workspaces do not exist independently; they live within organizations.


  • Organizations manage multiple workspaces and provide a broader structure.

  • Workspaces are for team collaboration on specific projects within an organization.

By understanding that workspaces live within organizations, you can effectively navigate Tellet and manage your projects with clarity.