Renaming Tellets

Renaming Tellets, workspaces & organisations

Rename Your Tellet

  1. Identify the Tellet: Locate the Tellet you want to rename in your private or shared workspace. Ensure you are a workspace owner; only owners can rename a Tellet. You can see you workspace role by pressing the +share button next to the workspace name.

  2. Switch to List Format: Make sure the page is in list format. Use the buttons on the right side of the page to switch views if necessary.

  3. Rename the Tellet: In the Tellet's field, click the three-dot symbol on the right end. From the dropdown menu, select "Rename" and enter the new name.

Rename Your Workspace

  1. Navigate to the Workspace: Go to the workspace you want to rename.

  2. Access the Rename Option: Next to the share button, click the three dots. From the menu, select "Rename" to update the workspace name.

Rename Your Organization

  1. Access Organizational Settings: Navigate to the menu in the top left corner and select the organization you want to rename. Ensure you are an owner or admin of that organization.

  2. Navigate to Organizational Settings: Go to the organizational settings page.

  3. Rename the Organization: Click the three dots next to "Organizational Settings" and select "Rename" to change the organization’s name.

  4. By following these steps, you can easily rename your Tellet, workspace, or organization on the Tellet platform.