Tips for Creating Engaging AI Interviews

Improving your AI interview in simple steps

How to Enhance Your Tellet: Tips for Creating Engaging AI Interviews

Creating an effective AI interview, or "Tellet," involves more than just asking questions. It's about crafting an experience that engages respondents and gathers valuable insights. Here are some tips to help you improve your Tellet:

  1. Keep It Short and Clear: When designing your Tellet, clarity is key. Make sure your interview instructions are concise and easy to understand. For sections like the interview goal and interview audience, aim to keep your descriptions under 200 characters.

  2. Trust AI for Probing Questions: Instead of filling your Tellet with numerous pre-set questions, rely on your AI interviewer to ask the right probing questions. Your AI interviewer can adapt to the respondent’s answers, digging deeper into relevant areas. This approach not only makes your Tellet more dynamic but also prevents it from becoming too cluttered with unnecessary questions.

  3. Distinct and Focused Questions: Ensure each question in your Tellet is distinct and focused. Avoid asking similar questions that can confuse respondents. If you're worried about overlapping questions, trust the AI to handle follow-ups and probing questions effectively. This way, your Tellet remains streamlined and each question serves a clear purpose.

  4. Incorporate Images and Videos: Enhance the interactivity of your Tellet by including images or videos. Visual elements can make your Tellet more engaging and can help illustrate questions or provide additional context. Whether it’s a relevant image or a short video clip, multimedia content can capture respondents’ attention and improve their overall experience.

By following these tips, you can create a Tellet that is not only effective in gathering information but also engaging and enjoyable for your respondents. Keep it clear, trust the AI, ensure each question is unique, and make use of multimedia to craft a top-notch AI interview. Happy interviewing!