Navigating results

Navigating Results

The Results section on Tellet provides a comprehensive view of your interview data. You can explore individual responses, overall trends, and detailed insights. Here's how to find and work with your results.

How to access my results

- Click on the Tellet you want to review from your workspace.

- At the top center of the screen, locate and click the "Results" button.


The Overview section offers a high-level insight into your interview data. It consists of four subsections:

  1. Statistics:

Displays the number of completed and incomplete interviews, the completion rate, average time to complete, and demographic information such as gender and age of respondents.

2. Summary:

Summarizes the main themes from all interviews, providing detailed insights into each theme.

3. Key Themes:

Identifies and ranks the top three themes, offering deeper details about these critical topics.

4. Interesting Quotes:

Showcases actual quotes from respondents that align with major themes, giving you direct insights from your customers.

Per Question

For a detailed view of responses to individual questions, visit the Per Question section. This section is divided into Insights and Answers:

  1. Summary:

Highlights key points raised by respondents for each question.

  1. Categories:

Provides a breakdown of responses into categories. More details on categories can be found here.

  1. Key Themes

Identifies key themes for each question.

  1. Interesting Quotes

Displays relevant quotes specific to each question.

  1. Opportunities

Highlights areas for improvement suggested by respondents.

Per Respondent

The Per Respondent section allows you to view complete interviews, providing full transcripts, media, and audio messages.


Compile and download a comprehensive report of your results:

1. Add to Report:

- Next to each section and subsection in the Results tab, there is a button to add that content to your report.

- Click the relevant buttons to include necessary sections.

2. Download Report:

- Once you’ve compiled your report, click the "Report" subsection. Below it, you'll find an option to download the report.

By navigating these sections, you can efficiently analyze your Tellet results, gaining valuable insights from your AI interviews.